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Pharrell Is Matching His Hair to His Hats Now

Pharrell’s monochromatic buzz-cut, John Boyega’s razor-sharp fade, Lil Dicky’s curls gone wild, and other A+ celebrity haircuts you need to know about.

14 Saturday Style Upgrades, Now on Sale

If your weekend style consists of nondescript black joggers, 2008-era flannels, and T-shirts you got for free over the years, it might be time for an upgrade.

The Great Bingeable Gothic Mystery on Netflix

‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’ stitches together a new story from a classic novel.

The Best Anti-Aging Products to Benjamin Button Your Face

The time spent on your skincare regimen can take years of your face—if you use the best anti aging products.

Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods Tour Trades Suits and Ties for Custom Designer Everything

Justin Timberlake kicked off his Man of the Woods Tour this week, and is wearing a custom Levi’s trucker jacket alongside a wardrobe from Stella McCartney.

Irish Whiskey Deserves More Respect Than We’re Giving It

If you’re on the bourbon bandwagon, chances are you’ll like Irish whiskey just as much. Particularly if you’re looking to celebrate St. Paddy’s day in style.

A Versatile Button-Down for When You Have a "Work Thing"

J.Crew pima cotton shirt (was $70, 7% off)

Sean Hannity Can’t Decide If He’s a Journalist or Not

Sean Hannity took exception to Shep Smith’s comments about Fox News’ primetime lineup, arguing that he is, in fact, a real journalist.

These Are the World’s Most Underrated Cocktails

Bartenders tell us which drinks they want to see more of.

Supreme Is Nominated for American Fashion’s Biggest Award

It seems like an odd choice for the CFDA, at least at first. But the billion-dollar skate brand is a surprisingly good fit.